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Wipe It Off is a revolutionary program is used to protect you and your private information you
have on your computer. This program is designed for peace of mind which you'll get from not being spied upon by others. Wipe It Off also removes typed in websites, clears out your cookies, protects your passwords from 'auto-complete' and even works in both Internet Explorer and Netscape. We are constantly improving the program, so be certain to check for updates. This application is must have for all desktop in today's online scenario where people go to all ends trying to collect data about you, violating and robbing you of your privacy. FULL DETAILS

Lock It Down, locks your 'Content Sensitive' files / Folders quickly and professionally using 128 Bit Thayer Encryption. It has unique features like panic button, safety vault, and is capable of sending encrypted files in email. It also comes with tool like image browser, favorites manager, password wallet, among other things. Uniquely positioned as easy to use encryption and security product for desktops at a affordable price. Again another must have application for all desktop where hackers are lurking out in every nook and corner trying to steal your sensitive data. FULL DETAILS

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